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Full Name: Natalie Nachtigal

Location: Nashville, TN

Genres: Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Folk, Indie

Natalie, also known as The American Feather

is a soul folk singer-songwriter and storyteller through and through. Originally from south Alabama, Natalie moved to Nashville, TN in 2011 as a drama student at Belmont University. During the pandemic, Natalie and her husband relocated to a rural town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where she began live streaming on Twitch TV. 

With soft tones and alluring melodies, The American Feather is the coffeehouse vibe we all want to sip wine to at the end of a stressful day. Drenched in soul from her southern roots, she weaves together storytelling that reminds us of the singer-songwriters we loved from the 70s, with melodies that feel both timeless and brand new. On the forefront of a new era in the singer-songwriter genre, this is The American Feather. 

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